Gold Coast Airport Upgrade - Gold Coast Airport Parking

Gold Coast Airport Upgrade

Airbridges and More Plane Parking

THE Gold Coast Airport is moving ahead with a redevelopment worth more than $200 million, which will make room for aerobridges and more big aircraft in the lead-up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Details of the massive overhaul were released for public comment in July in the form of the Gold Coast Airport Major Development Plan.

“Recent investigations have found the capacity of aircraft parking stands is currently exceeded at peak times.  If you have flown into the Gold Coast at a peak time and have had your landing delayed, that may be the reason.  if no action is taken to provide additional aircraft parking by 2018 when Commonwealth Games visitors arrive, access to the airport would need to be restricted,” he said.

Passengers arriving and departing the Gold Coast have long bemoaned the lack of aerobridges forcing them to cross the tarmac in all weather conditions.  Aerobridges will protect passengers from weather, noise and fuel fumes and save them from having to climd those steep stairs to board a plane.