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Safe Offsite Long-term Airport Parking on the Gold Coast


Long-term parking is a very convenient solution for anyone travelling internationally or for people
who need to store their vehicle while they’re away for work. Not having to rely on a taxi or Uber
driver to pick you up for an early-morning flight can make the difference between travelling
comfortably or arriving stressed and late for your flight check-in.


If you have not used long-term airport parking before, the thought of leaving your vehicle on its own for so long may not appeal
to you. However, here at Ezy Parking Gold Coast we have a reliable facility to help ensure your vehicle is safe. Plus, there are a few
common-sense tips we advise to help you avoid unpleasant surprises when you return.

Park Indoors

When using our reliable offsite long-term airport parking on the Gold Coast it is highly recommended to park your vehicle indoors.

It will be more protected than the outdoor areas, which are exposed to potential weather damage or bird droppings so it is more likely to remain
clean while you are away. As well as being shielded against the elements, we offer car-detailing
services as well, so you’ll be pleased to find your vehicle in immaculate condition upon your


Keep in mind you will need to book your indoor spot in advance because the under-cover
areas are more popular and you cannot always guarantee a place without a reservation.

Stay Away from the Corners

Unfortunately, parking in a corner can leave your vehicle exposed to careless drivers around. If you
leave your car in a corner spot, there is a slightly higher risk of finding a dent or scratch when you

Find a Well-Lit Spot

Offsite long-term airport parking on the Gold Coast is not just about having a space for your
vehicle. It is also about keeping it safe. Our facilities are better illuminated and secure but if you
are worried about leaving your car, find a spot underneath a light.

Do Not Leave Valuables In Your Car

Leave anything of value at home. If that is not possible, put the items in the glove compartment
and lock it or find a space, such as under the seats, whereby they are not visible through the

Park Your Car Yourself

If you are not comfortable letting someone else drive your vehicle, you can ask to park it yourself.
If you do this, do not forget to write down the area in which you parked your car or take a photo
of the nearest identification post on your smartphone to avoid any delay through trying to find it
when you return.


To make your next undercover airport parking booking, please call us or book online