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Coolangatta Airport Parking

How Much Is Coolangatta Airport Parking?

Airport parking can be expensive.  In fact airport car parks are a major revenue source for airports including Coolangatta Airport so it makes sense to look at all options.

Fortunately off airport parking providers such as Ezyparking offer secure car parking for much less than you would pay at the airport.  In fact long term parking can be as little as $4 per day.  Prices can vary as specials are offered at different times of the year and depending on the type of parking you choose.  Secure outdoor, secure undercover and premium undercover are the choices available.  You can get a quick online quote HERE

coolangatta airport parking

Some Coolangatta Airport Facts

  • Did you know that Coolangatta Airport was first established in 1936 with a grass runway and in 1999 officialy was renamed Gold Coast Airport although the IATA airport code remains OOL to this day.  Many locals still refer to the airport as Coolangatta Airport.  The airport is now the busiest airport in Australia outside of the capital cities and the sixth busiest overall.  In 2016-17 over 6 million travelers used the airport.  The grass runways have long gone fortunely.
  • Coolangatta Airport operates on Queensland time all year round but the end of the main runway actually crosses the border into New South Wales.  Ezyparking is located in Tweed Heads NSW but is in fact not far from the end of the runway.  It takes just 7 minutes by Ezyparking's free shuttle bus to get to the terminal door.
  • Coolangatta is an Aboriginal word meaning "Place of Good View".
  • Coolangatta Airport was originally built in 1936 as an emergency landing strip for Airmail services and was not intended to carry passengers.  Today there are 11 different airlines flying from Coolangatta Airport, 7 of which are international carriers.

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