Benefits of Storing Your Car

Everyone deserves a good holiday, so in order to be able to get on that plane without a care in the
world you’ll need to be prepared in plenty of time.

Lock your doors at home, give a key to someone you trust, check your travel insurance and do not forget about your car.

In most cases, storing your vehicle will give you peace of mind and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises
when you return.

Convenience For Your Car


EzyParking Gold Coast Airport can make things much easier when you are travelling.

We have great facilities near the airport, so you can drop your car with us, and get a fast transfer
to Gold Coast Airport then pick it up when you return.


EzyParking offers a free shuttle to help you with your luggage, providing a hassle-free experience to ensure you don’t miss your
flight. Another great advantage is you can ditch the taxi queues and head straight to the shuttle.

Keep Safety In Mind

Leaving your car on the street or driveway, is not always a good idea.
Even if you live in a safe area, nothing will stop the elements from potentially damaging your
vehicle while you are away.

EzyParking offers undercover parking to keep your car shielded from the weather until your return.

These facilities are extremely safe and secure, so you can be sure your vehicle will be in good hands.

Come Home to a Clean Car


We offer car detailing services. If you are going away for an extended holiday, this is even more important.

Dirt, bird droppings and water stains can damage the paint. You can book us to wash your car before you come home to help protect the paint
and save you the extra work.


To make your next undercover airport parking booking, please call us or book online


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