Do I Need Insurance If I Am Storing My Car?

Short and long-term vehicle parking has become a booming industry for travellers using off-site and airport parking for business and pleasure.

car storage insuranceWhile vehicles being held in car storage on the Gold Coast may be covered for certain eventualities, we advise clients to obtain full comprehensive insurance cover before leaving their vehicle for any length of time.

Whether you are taking a trip overseas or simply have more cars than you have space to garage them at home, a cost-effective solution to your problem is car storage.

If you’re travelling, you can find car storage facilities located only minutes from the Gold Coast airport at EzyParking, which are highly secure, as well as convenient.

We advise our customers to take out independent insurance cover in addition to the insurance provided by us at EzyParking near the Gold Coast Airport.
Though it might be tempting to think you can save some dollars while your car is not being driven, your vehicle represents a major financial investment and as such, you would want to take every step to protect your investment, leaving yourself without adequate cover therefore is not recommended.

Car Storage for all reasons

There are many reasons why you might want to store one or more vehicles and EzyParking’s professional vehicle storage and parking has the facilities to cater to your needs.

From businesses that have temporary fleet excess and classic cars, to vehicles that are the subject of legal matters as well as straight forward trips out of the country, contact EzyParking on (07) 5536 7701.

Whether you operate a business or need to store a privately owned car, our professional car storage facilities provide a cost-effective option.

Fleet Storage

Many businesses are subject to fluctuations in turnover due to seasonal changes or simple downturns in volumes of work.

In such circumstances, it can often be more economical to store vehicles until things pick up rather than reduce fleet numbers then have to make the often substantial investment all over again at a later date.

This can be especially beneficial to businesses that actually own their vehicles but it also represents sound financial sense for leased vehicles over the short to medium timescales.

Choosing a convenient car storage location

Location is everything and being close to both the M1 highway and the Gold Coast Airport makes EzyParking market leaders in vehicle parking and storage and a number one choice for discerning owners.

Whether you need to store cars or caravans, location and accessibility are going to be crucial factors when making that all important choice.

Car Storage Inside or out

The Australian climate may be warm and sunny most of the year, so the sun can be pretty harsh even on today’s water-based car paint systems.

Bearing that in mind, the Gold Coast is even hotter than the southern states, so it is important to consider whether your vehicles or vehicle would benefit from undercover storage, especially if you are leaving the vehicle for an extended period of time.

While there is a cost element to factor into the difference between inside and outdoor storage, it compares well. This becomes more apparent when offset against the sometimes hidden damage that the sun can wreak on your car’s shiny paintwork and even its interior upholstery. Whatever option you decide when looking for long-term car storage on the Gold Coast, we advise you to check that your insurance cover runs for the full term of the anticipated storage period.

Off- site parking is secure with EzyParking at the airport and we offer services such as car washing and undercover parking areas, with frequent fast shuttles to the airport, so it’s a cost-effective option for travellers to and from the Gold Coast Airport.

To make a booking, please call us direct on 07 5536 7701

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