Where Do I Park My Car at the Airport?

 Cheaper Off Airport Parking

cheapest gold coast airport parkingCoolangatta Airport is now used as the main entry point into the Gold Coast for air passengers.

While it is well located for visitors, including those who attended the recent Commonwealth Games, parking near the airport can be quite a challenge. 

There are sites that advertise as airport parking, but in fact they are often situated a long way away from the airport itself.

At Ezy Parking, we offer you the most convenient and nearest car storage at Gold Coast Airport, saving you a lot of time and hassle.


By using Ezy Parking, you can be sure your vehicle will be parked as close to the airport as possible without the high cost of airport parking.

Our site is located just off the airport site itself and very easy to access. With our shuttle service, the time to travel between the two sites is only four minutes.

This is by far the quickest option for off-site airport parking, and may be even quicker than parking at the airport itself, depending on how close to the terminal your vehicle is located.

If you choose other off-site parking services you have to calculate the distance and time this will add to your itinerary to get to the airport in time for your flight.

At Ezy Parking, we remove the uncertainty of time issues.

By booking your spot on our shuttle, you can add an extra four minutes into your schedule, and let us do the rest.

Safe and Secure

Our car storage near Gold Coast Airport is not just convenient, it is safe.

We have a specially designed site that gives you the choice of parking under cover or outdoors. In either case, the site is completely secure. Our staff is on site to protect your vehicle at all times.

We also offer valet parking and detailing services, so if you leave your vehicle with us while you travel, you will come back to a fully valeted car.

We will update your logbook if you require, taking care of another necessary piece of business so you don't have to worry.

We offer personalised services at Ezy Parking. This means, among other things, helping you with your luggage, for both arrival and departure.

We appreciate that this is one of the things that can make a real difference when transferring between ground side and air side.

We are happy to help at all times, from your leaving the airport terminal for the first time to when we drop you off for your return flight.

We are open from 4am to as late as our last customer of the day needs us to be open, and we pick you up and drop you off at the terminal doors, so you don't need to walk too far.

Find Out More

To take the hassle out of airport parking, check out our car storage at Gold Coast Airport. Visit our website to pre book your personalised service, or give us a call on 07 5536 7701.

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