Airport Parking and Servicing at Coolangatta

Ezyparking Premium Airport Parking

If you're coming or going from the Gold Coast, you might experience some of the common problems with airport parking that regular users expect.

Car Servicing at Airport Car ParkWhy not use the time your vehicle's parked to the best use?

While you're away you can have your car, 4 x 4 or mobile home serviced.

With a convenient nearby parking spot, you'll find your vehicle in possibly better condition than when you left it.

Traffic congestion and infrastructure around the Gold Coast airport means good parking is essential.

Off Site Parking

Whether you're flying interstate or international, the same conditions apply. Coolangatta is perfectly placed to service the Gold Coast and Brisbane but has precious little parking space. Using it for any length of time is very expensive.

Many travellers find it better to choose off site parking such as that provided by Ezy Parking.

Trusted Providers

As your vehicle is likely to be very precious to you, make sure someone takes good care of it while you're away.

By having it serviced, you can avoid stress and kill two birds with one stone. As well as an expert parking service, you can also make use of trusted local professional car servicing.

Carter Automotive are our valued partners. They provide top end servicing for all vehicles using airport parking Coolangatta travellers trust. By using a professional partnership, you maximise your money and minimise your risk.

Modern vehicles can sometimes be delicate things to look after, especially if they feel neglected.

Carter Automotive are a Tweed Heads firm with a trusted reputation on the Gold Coast. They are approved and accredited to the highest Australian standards. By trusting your vehicle to us, you can also make use of their excellent products and expertise.

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Whether you choose to just leave your vehicle in our hands or require it serving, we're here to help.

To find out more about airport parking at Coolangatta, check us out.

You can  call us on 07 5536 7701.

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