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With the best parking and servicing services, you can take care of the details while you're away.

Our detailing technicians are experts at making the most of Gold Coast airport parking at Coolangatta.

We can use your time away to get on top of the things you've been meaning to.

Basic Care

Airport Car DetailingLeaving your car in storage is an excellent time to get it looking and feeling its best. The Gold Coast can be demanding on all types of vehicle, whether on road or off road. Mixed use vehicles today cost a lot of money and are expected to do a lot of things. Gold Coast has a lot of them, as well as sedans and vans.

You can make sure your vehicle looks great when you retrieve it by ordering a wash. Depending on how long you plan to be away, our Gold Coast weather can make an impact on your vehicle. We have both indoor and outdoor facilities, but exterior paintwork and fittings can soon become unsightly.

Dirt and dangerous oil based materials can lodge in all sorts of places. Wheel arches, suspension and braking systems can suffer from this very quickly. We detail all exterior parts of your vehicle, whether it be a sedan, SUV or van. Whichever level of detailing service you choose, you can be sure all the basics are covered.

Upper Level

You may want to take care of your vehicle inside and out.

Interiors can take a lot of punishment.

Everyday use accrues grease and dust, making instruments harder to read. With modern technology, you need to stay in touch with your vehicle every step of the way.

Whether you have a family, pet or colleagues travelling with you, your interior will always benefit from detailing.

Our premium services give the very best in Gold Coast airport parking facilities for all vehicle users.

We shine tyres to remove layers of grime and make them as road worthy as possible.

We dry off with chamois to make your vehicle look and drive to its maximum.

We clean all door jambs and handles, so the bits between the inside and outside of your vehicle work properly.

We vacuum your interior thoroughly. We clean your dash, steering wheel and other control surfaces.

Displays and devices are often part of the modern driving experience.

Having a smudge on your satnav can ruin your day. We make sure all interior surfaces are fit for purpose.

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