Airport Parking Options


What are the car parking and public transport options at Gold Coast Airport?

When you have a flight leaving from Gold Coast Airport, finding suitable transport links is essential.

Many people who travel into the airport do so by car, opting to use the parking at EzyParking at the Gold Coast Airport, which makes it easier to retrieve your car after a trip away.

Benefits of Storing Your Car


Benefits of Storing Your Car

Everyone deserves a good holiday, so in order to be able to get on that plane without a care in the
world you’ll need to be prepared in plenty of time.

Lock your doors at home, give a key to someone you trust, check your travel insurance and do not forget about your car.

In most cases, storing your vehicle will give you peace of mind and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises
when you return.

how expensive is airport parking


Convenience of Offsite Airport Parking

Travelling by air is expensive enough without having to worry about spending a fortune getting to and from your airport destination.

Considering the cost of flights and hotels, there is nothing wrong with wanting to save a few dollars.

Once you’ve booked your flights, it is time to start thinking about other logistics, such as how to get to the airport.

secure offsite airport parking


Safe Offsite Long-term Airport Parking on the Gold Coast

Long-term parking is a very convenient solution for anyone travelling internationally or for people
who need to store their vehicle while they’re away for work. Not having to rely on a taxi or Uber
driver to pick you up for an early-morning flight can make the difference between travelling
comfortably or arriving stressed and late for your flight check-in.

Car Storage Gold Coast

Car storage is cheaper than you think

Keeping your car secure, either when you are away from home or when you need to keep it in a separate location, means finding a parking company that will be able to provide you with the perfect  storage space for your vehicle's needs. Whether you have a prestige car, a sports car or other type of high-value car, you need to make sure that it is properly protected

best rated airport parking

Best Rated Gold Coast Airport Parking

Not All Gold Coast Airport Parking Rates The Same

Which car park is the best rated Gold Coast airport parking provider and why?  None of us actually like having to pay for airport parking but are all providers the same or is there one that stands out from the crowd?

When travellers rate airport parking they take into consideration:

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